Manual COVID-19: School closures and related rights of working parents

Regarding the current unfavorable development of the situation regarding the COVID-19 disease caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the Ministry of Health today issued an emergency measure to protect the population and prevent the risk of its occurrence and spread, banning personal presence with effect from 11.3.2020 of pupils and students in primary, secondary, high vocational and high schools.

At the same time, this extraordinary measure will undoubtedly affect working parents, especially of younger children (with compulsory school attendance), who must deal with ensuring of care for these children from day to day.

The Labor Code takes into account similar situations and imposes on employers the obligation to excuse the employee's absence from work during the care of a child under 10 years of age, if the school is closed by order of the competent authority due to an emergency measure in an epidemic. In this case, it is an obstacle to work on the part of the employee, for which there is no compensation for wages. However, the employee is entitled to a nursing allowance in the amount of 60% of the daily assessment basis, from the first day of the need for care, but for a maximum of 9 calendar days, or maximum of 16 calendar days for a lone employee.