Insolvency law

Every entrepreneur might encounter insolvency law, whether as a debtor or a creditor. Both scenarios require a specific approach. In the case of insolvency of the entrepreneur himself, it is usually necessary to ensure further functioning of the company, and its financial restructuring, or at least to minimize the risks arising from insolvency for the statutory body or shareholders of the debtor by timely and correct steps. In the case of insolvency of a business partner, active steps should be taken for effective claim collection and minimization of the damage incurred.

GT Legal provides comprehensive services in the field of insolvency, also due to close cooperation with tax and economic advisors and experts from Grant Thornton Czech Republic, whose cooperation is often essential in insolvency proceedings. 

When representing creditors, we emphasize efficiency and achieving the highest possible satisfaction of the claim. When representing debtors, we take care to protect their interests and rights and ensure that the entire insolvency proceedings run as smoothly as possible.

We offer comprehensive legal advice in drafting and execution of corporate restructurings. We can provide expert assistance in selecting and implementing the most appropriate strategy, negotiating with creditors and other business partners, as well as in the necessary cooperation with the relevant authorities and institutions. 

Our services

  • Comprehensive advice to statutory bodies in situations of bankruptcy or impending bankruptcy
  • Analyzing the bankruptcy conditions and choosing the appropriate course of action
  • Insolvency petitions, and registration of claims in insolvency proceedings 
  • Preparation and negotiation of reorganization plans or moratoria
  • Collective representation of creditors in cases such as Arca Investments, C2H, or Growing Way
  • Motions for interim measures 
  • Representation in creditor bodies 
  • Representation in incidental disputes 
  • Monitoring of insolvency proceedings 
  • Acquisition of distressed assets from the property
  • Comprehensive support for insolvency administrators in their activities